Node.js Development

Hire Node Experts who can balance performance and convenience


Our passionate team of Node.js experts make it easier for you to build fast, robust and scalable web applications. Aubergine ascertains timely delivery with a quintessential take on your brainchild. This is assured by keeping track of the latest tech trends and standards.

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Streamline projects with Node.js development services

In a fast-paced world, it's important to stay on your toes. Node.js is an open-ended framework that allows you to do just that. Not only does it reduce the overall time spent in development, but it also eases the process of code execution. To top it off, with our Node Development Company, you gain access to all the Node experts you need to scale your game.

  • Get the benefit of an MVP

    Node.js is a lightweight framework, which enables quick and easy programming. Our process-driven approach of Agile development is helpful for developing a minimum viable product (MVP), which drives your work to the customer before your competitors.

  • Easy Scalability

    Our Node.js experts are well aware of the need for more in terms of solutions, development and microservices. By bringing design and code expertise to the table, Aubergine is able to extract more for your project.

  • Designs exclusively for you

    Node.js makes it easier for you to work without any restrictions. With our experts to help you, you can make an app that stands out and delivers the results you need. We will help you build a user-friendly app.

  • Hire Node.js experts

    Aubergine is recognised for the professional, timely and agile process-driven deliveries that we bring to the table. With passionate experts that put your priorities first, we can help you recognise the ease of developing with end-to-end support.

  • Smoother IoT app development

    Our Node.js experts are trusted professionals for IoT development. This makes it easy to work with MQTT and WebSockets, which are often used for the transport and encapsulation process of IoT messaging.

  • Hire MEAN Stack Developers

    You can hire our MEAN Stack developers in a Staff Augmentation model. Our team members will adapt your processes or if you do not have an established process, help you implement one that will guarantee fast deliverables.

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“They’re very detail-oriented and suggest great ideas to improve our product. Our meetings often transitioned into brainstorming sessions, where their staff displayed their refined industry experience and knowledge.
Product OwnerSoftware Company, California

Easier and more efficient development with Node.js

Node.js has made life easier for most of the leading companies. While the software has seen its fair share of maintenance, the software itself has now made life easy for every business that wants an easy and quick release in the market. It simplifies the process, is lightweight, and ensures performance.


Supported by leading companies

An active community can be one of the most important factors when choosing software for your project’s development. This helps you gain access to a crowd of support and feedback and allows you to confront every possible issue.


Enjoy uninterrupted scalability

As mentioned earlier, Node.js is software designed to help you upscale. Lightweight and fast systems allow you to gain a relatively good real-time response rate, which allows you to add extra modules as needed.


Makes the lives of Startups simpler

With Node.js, you get to share one language over the communication of the server and the client, making it easy to skip the switch between backend and frontend. Less code, fewer files - More ease, more development.


An active community

With Node development, one can rest assured of constant support and feedback. Our developers have the access to numerous libraries and reusable templates resulting in a faster development speed.

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How to engage

Extended Team

A dedicated team that works full-time on your product and reports directly. Excellent for long-term projects with evolving requirements. Flexibly adjust team size, scope or requirements as you advance.

Fixed cost

Lump sum pricing agreement for projects with limited scope. Ideally employed when project owners are operating with absolutes. One can expect little to no change in requirements, features or project scope.

Time & Material

An hourly-priced model best suited for projects with dynamic requirements. Pay for the hours spent and the materials used. Manage spending, modify features and flexibly control volume of work as necessary.


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