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Hire an Angular Developer to craft scalable, lightweight web app


Get access to a team of passionate Angular Developers that can help you make an innovative yet modular design for your web apps. Aubergine is a trusted Angular Development Company that offers you the absolute balance between timely delivery to quality.

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Overcome dynamic capabilities of the web with a reliable Angular Development Company

Easing up processes to make them more efficient in the way of the world and Aubergine is no stranger to it. With the help of a team of growth driven Angular Developers that work towards the execution of lightweight and secure applications for your business, you get modular designs that are the paradigm of a powerful framework

  • Make Frontend Development Quick & Easy

    Known to be one of the most efficient tools when it comes to front page development, Angular is a toolset that can help design your application down to its intricate details.

  • Google’s got our back

    We understand how important credibility can be, which is why we’re always on top of the best services. The Angular framework isn’t a language that’s just for the books - but something that yields unreal results.

  • Never miss out on an error

    Our Angular Developers are masters of their field. This allows them to easily work with dependency injection and more such testing features. Real-time updates allow resolutions to be made rapidly, with no room for errors.

  • Let’s bind both ways

    Whenever changes are made in the view, the application’s model is revised similarly. With the help of our team of developers, you’re able to get the best of both worlds, in real-time

  • Less code, better results

    At Aubergine, we understand the importance of balancing working hard and smart. By saving time on lesser coding, our Angular developers are able to dedicate more time to overcoming errors and expediting deliveries.

  • Hire an Angular Developer

    Aubergine is driven by the need for professional interactions, timely deliveries and process-driven approaches. With a passionate team of experts that put your priorities first, we can help you with unique web app solutions.

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“They have been great in all aspects of the project. They have been responsive, the quality has been great, and the products and previews have had good feedback.
Sath Inc, IllinoisCTO

Make Frontend Development easy, hire an Angular Developer

Angular is often highlighted due to the dependency injection, which is known to increase flexibility and modularity in web apps. That being said, the framework is known to do so much more.


Safe & secure website

BWorried about cyber attacks? potential vulnerabilities? Or maybe even application security? Angular offers in-built security systems, ensuring that your web app remains safe and secure from all potential threats during development


Compelling features

Angular is both extensible and feature-rich, allowing you to find the perfect balance between custom solutions and efficiency. Our team of Angular Experts can help you build the websites and web apps that you need!


Innovation isn’t just a dream

Angular development can help you get a hold of a wide variety of features such as deep-linking, routing and more, which ultimately make innovation easier. Moreover, you can easily develop cross-platform mobile apps in no time.


Lightweight software

To make features such as Filters, Animations, Routing, API Client solutions, etc, Angular is known to be a high-performing framework. Through an efficient and simpler approach with Angular, Aubergine brings you optimal solutions for your web apps.

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Extended Team

A dedicated team that works full-time on your product and reports directly. Excellent for long-term projects with evolving requirements. Flexibly adjust team size, scope or requirements as you advance.

Fixed cost

Lump sum pricing agreement for projects with limited scope. Ideally employed when project owners are operating with absolutes. One can expect little to no change in requirements, features or project scope. Hire a dedicated software team today.

Time & Material

An hourly-priced model best suited for projects with dynamic requirements. Pay for the hours spent and the materials used. Manage spending, modify features and flexibly control volume of work as necessary.


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