Flutter Development Services

Accelerate business revenue when you hire a Flutter developer!


We are Aubergine, a reputed Flutter development company. With our cross-platform apps for businesses to stay afloat in this competitive atmosphere. We make it easy and save them time by coding with ease while creating the shortest possible turnaround times giving you an edge over your competitors.

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When should you go for Flutter development services?

It's time to take your business to new heights with a modern, mobile-first approach. Our flutter app development services guarantee zero platform differences. We have helped various businesses with high-quality native interfaces for cross-platform apps.

  • Fast and Simple Development

    Our Flutter development company is devised to create a multi-platform existence for your business. Flutter is highly compatible with different versions of diverse operating systems which results in quicker development time without compromising on app performance.

  • Functional and High Performing

    Thanks to Flutter, our developers can create highly-functional apps that work effortlessly. Flutter is endowed with the amazing capability to compile directly into native code. Our developers even leverage the ready-made widgets that saves time!

  • Cross-platform Capability

    Wondering if your app will differ in performance on Android and iOS? Don’t worry, Flutter is right at your rescue. With its single codebase, Flutter enables developing cross-platform apps without the hassle of developing separately.

  • Rich libraries

    The Flutter app is so fast because it uses the Skia Graphics Library which has a mature and open-source design. It draws UI every time you make changes to any of your views for smooth app function!

  • Reasonable Costs

    If you’re looking for functional apps but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, Flutter is your best buddy! Our developers will create cross-platform apps while ensuring great speed and usability without going over your budget.

  • Expressive and Flexible UI

    Regardless of the complexity, we will be able to customize almost everything you envision. With Flutter, it is possible to integrate various elements with ease. From shadow manipulation, clippings, shared element transition- Flutter makes it all possible.

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““Their work has helped increase our sales by 550%. I’m completely satisfied with their work they’ve exceeded my expectations.
Stefan MitrasinovicCEO, Quesmed, London

What can you expect from Flutter Development Services?

With a modern, intuitive interface designed for mobile devices and desktop browsers alike, our Flutter developers can create apps that behave like they were written natively in just one language - making them perfect across platforms.


Web support

An active community can be one of the most important factors when choosing software for your project’s development. This helps you gain access to a crowd of support and feedback and allows you to confront every possible issue.


Hot Reload

Flutter’s Hot Reload feature allows us to quickly see real-time changes in the code on a code simulator. This ensures increased productivity while taking off the saving the daily load of building an app.


Reduced development time

Flutter allows us to work with a single codebase which makes app development possible in less time. We don’t have to spend time creating separate native solutions. Flutter allows to develop robust apps without investing unreasonable man-hours.


Custom Flutter App Development

All our Flutter apps are developed keeping in mind the specific requirements of your business and target audience. We will also create customized Flutter plugins so that the app can work flawlessly on your desktop too.

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How to engage

Extended Team

A dedicated team that works full-time on your product and reports directly. Excellent for long-term projects with evolving requirements. Flexibly adjust team size, scope or requirements as you advance.

Fixed cost

Lump sum pricing agreement for projects with limited scope. Ideally employed when project owners are operating with absolutes. One can expect little to no change in requirements, features or project scope.

Time & Material

An hourly-priced model best suited for projects with dynamic requirements. Pay for the hours spent and the materials used. Manage spending, modify features and flexibly control volume of work as necessary.


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